AS-20 Vario Book Matches

Advertising Book Matches

Item no.: AS-20 vario
50 x 55 mm

Advertising book matches: white carton, mat with varnish, dimensions: 50 x 55 mm, contents 2 rows with each 10 natural wooden sticks, black sticks with surcharge, 18 different head colors available, imprint individual - These matches are also unprinted available.

Advertising book matches AS-20 vario: book matches with individual imprint, abt. 50 x 55 mm; contents 2 rows with each 10 natural sticks - black sticks with surcharge. 18 different match head colors available, head-colour-mix is possible with surcharge. The carton is white, mat with varnish, the imprint is individual with Pantone or HKS-coulors or euroscale (YMCK). These match books are also unprinted available.

Match head colors: 18 different colors available: red, orange, lightblue, blue, darkblue, lightgreen, darkgreen, yellow, lightbrown, darkbrown, white, black, pink, violet, purpur, grey, turquoise, burgundy

Packing: 50 boxes per caddy, 5.000 boxes per freight carton, 27 kg per carton


These matches are unprinted with very short delivery time available.


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Match books, matches, match boxes, advertising, condoms, tea, toothpicks

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