With our new wheels we whiz through this great fall to the post Office, for lunch and of course to our traditional autumn excursion with delicious kale. Later on the day we stayed at the fire basket made - ignited naturally with the great fireplace Wood from AS - and we enjoyed mulled wine and tea specialties and other delicacies.


Environmentally conscious as the production of our advertising matchboxes and advertising matchbooks , tea booklets etc. that we produce with 95% recycled cardboard or in the Eco-line also with 100% recycled cardboard.

Yesterday we celebrated a wonderful Christmas Party with the entire Team of AS. Luckily the weather was still calm - the storm warning was announced only for today - so we could still enjoy a very good meal at the end. Yummy! We are looking forward to next year.

Last weekend our traditional autumn meeting with partners and customers started. The funny exchange of news was followed by the evaluation of our new offerings such as the vegan advertising condoms and taste of the current tea - until then with the beautiful advertising fireplace matches the fire was lit in the evening and the night slowly ended with delicious kale and mulled wine.


One of our favorite customers came spontaneously in our office for tea tasting, since he had to decide which flavor of our large selection of teas would fit the layout and text of the proposed advertising promotional tea-booklet. This was a pleasant, very relaxing afternoon - with a very tasty result!

On 14 August we decided to close our office and we went to the IGS to Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg. In glorious sunshine we had a wonderful day full of flowers, of different "worlds" and "cultural landscapes".